Volume II on the Horizon

June 15th, 2010

On the same day that the journal received a review on New Pages for the first issue, the future began to take shape for the next one. Congratulations to all the great photographers and writers who appeared in this first issue.

Hints of Camera Obscura Journal Volume II emerge from the primordial literary selection process with K.R. Sand’s short story “Half Life.” Sands unfolds this intricate story from the prospective of Marie Curie, guiding with precision a serendipitous encounter of science with art, ultimately to their unexpected collision.

The story begins:

“Oh, how she hated celebrity! All this traveling and eating and smiling and thanking and demurring–so tiresome! Such a waste of precious time! She was no longer young, and there was still so much work to do. Six weeks for this American tour, all the while accumulating heavy wooden plaques, childish gold and silver medals, useless doctoral robes, framed certificates, and other detritus that she’d have to carry in her luggage or pay to have shipped home to Paris. But this was the price she had to pay for the radium, the precious gram she needed to keep the work going. Although Americans were generous with their vast wealth, they certainly claimed their pound of flesh in hand-shaking.”

K.R. Sands is a university English professor, somehat new to fiction, whose scholarly work includes several articles and two books on the history of demon possession and exorcism (http://www.amazon.com/Kathleen-R.-Sands/e/B001HOOYSM/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1).

8-minute interview of K.R. Sands by the director of the Mütter Museum:
The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and Mütter Museum

More updates as the issue unfurls.
And many thanks to all the supporters of the journal. Your subscriptions are much appreciated!
M.E. Parker, Editor

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