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January 31st, 2013
Tim Horvath, Bellevue Literary Press 2012

Tim Horvath, Bellevue Literary Press 2012

 I am often slow to post these updates and certainly don’t post them often enough, leaving major accomplishments to back up. Tim Horvath, friend and charter member of the Camera Crew, has received a host of praise recently for his collection Understories released in May 2012 by Bellevue Literary Press.  If you have not yet read it, or intend to but haven’t had the time, bump it immediately to the top of your to do list.

A couple of years ago, when combing through stories for the journal, I described a story in the submission queue as a Calvinoesque- Spike Lee joint, and Tim took to that description enough to want it someday for a blurb on a novel. While not the intersection of Calvino and Spike Lee, Understories is much more, perhaps even something as wondrous as the love child of Nikola Tesla and an Easter Island head. This collection will not only cause you to look at the world a little differently but see it differently as well. Understories more than lives up to the praise it has received. Congratulations, Tim, from the entire Camera Crew.

 Tamas Dobozy whose story “The Selected Mugshots of Famous Hungarian Assassins” appears in the Autumnal 2012 Camera Obscura, recently won the Rogers Writers’ Trust of Canada Fiction Prize (One of Canada’s most prestigious awards) with his collection Seige 13, which was also Finalist for the 2012 Governor General’s Literary Award for English-Language Fiction. Published by Thomas Allen Publishers in Canada, it will be released by Milkweed Editions in February in the US.

Dzanc Books published Jennifer Spiegel’s collection, The Freak Chronicles, in 2012 containing the story “Killing Castro,” also appearing in  Camera Obscura 5. Congratulations Jennifer.

Rosebud Ben-Oni’s  first book of poems, Solecsim, will be published by Virtual Artists Collective in early 2013. Her story “A Way out of the Colonia” won the Camera Obscura Prize in our second issue.  

Peter Tieryas Liu’s collection of twenty short stories, Watering Heaven,was realeased from Signal 8 Press in fall of 2012. Learn more (including a trailer) on his website. Peter’s collection includes the story “A Wolf’s Choice,” which appeared in Camera Obscura 2 and can be read online here.


Issue 6 is beginning to take shape. Updates coming soon.


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Volume 5 Takes Shape

May 14th, 2012


We are hard at work with the difficult task of narrowing down the photography entries to the finalists, which will be announced soon. As usual, we received many striking images to consider and the competition is stiff. Many thanks for your patience. We will announce the finalists in the next week or two.

While you wait on the results of the photography competition, here’s a peek at the fifth installment of Camera Obscua Journal as it begins to take shape with the addition of Jennifer Spiegel’s “Killing Castro,” a story in her forthcoming collection THE FREAK CHRONICLES form Dzanc Books.
It begins:

“By the time she got to Havana, she didn’t care anymore.
But, in Cuba, Erin held her breath and exhaled slowly. She watched the black-skinned people speaking Spanish; she stepped back to let girls in short-shorts and garish make-up walk in front of her on cobblestone streets; she shied away from striking men with heartbreaking eyes who looked like bullfighters, artists, or paupers; and she marveled at prehistoric taxi cabs squeezing through dense traffic like bumper cars. When her eyes traveled the depth and breadth of the eroding colonial architecture—ready to wash into a salty tropical sea that flushed against the island in slow, steady rhythms—Erin caught her breath the way one would as if a rumble in the earth’s underbelly rippled underfoot. She heard music, and words came into her head that maybe didn’t fit: calypso, fusion, flamenco, mariachi. The music was everywhere, and it was Latin, African, Caribbean. Listening, her eyes wide, her face sedate, Erin felt as if she were on the precipice of apocalypse. Cuba felt like the end.
By the time Erin got to Cuba, though, killing Castro wasn’t her mission.”

Jennifer Spiegel has an MA in Politics from New York University, and an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from Arizona State. She teaches college classes. “Killing Castro” is included in her collection, THE FREAK CHRONICLES (Dzanc Books 2012). LOVE SLAVE, a novel, is forthcoming from Unbridled Books (September 2012). She lives with her husband and two kids in Arizona. Please visit her at

more updates soon…

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