Finally a winner…

December 5th, 2011


“The Rural Trio” by Rui Pires of Portugal takes top prize for professionals in the Camera Obscura Journal Photography Competition. His winning image will appear in the forthcoming issue which will hit bookstores in January. Nenad Saljic wins for the amateur category with “Matterhorn: Sunset Clouds.” The editor’s choice award goes to Saeed Rezvanian for his mystifying photograph “Before The Beginning” in the professional category (which will also anchor the cover of this issue) and Nenad Saljic gets the amateur editor’s choice nod for his Matterhorn series.

Thank you to our judges Carl Caylor, Cheri McCallum, and Carol Andrews Jensen for your commitment to our endeavor in support of professional and amateur photographers around the world.

As far as notable standouts, a complete list of finalists can be found here Results. They all qualify as notable.

As always, thanks for all the enthusiasm and support.

The Vernal issue of Camera Obscura Journal will hit bookstores sometime in January.

Guidelines for the current contest with a deadline of March 15, 2012 can be found or here .


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Photography Competition Finalists Announced

November 16th, 2011


We don’t yet have the winners in the Camera Obscura Journal Winter 2011 Photography Competition, but the following finalists’ images are now in the hands of the judges. We had some tough choices to make with so much great work submitted. Many thanks to all who entered and for your support in helping us provide a needed platform for artistically accomplished and technically superior photography. The results for the competition with a deadline of September 15th are listed below:

Professional Category
Brian T. Silak – “Fall Tree”
Andrei Iliescu – “Cinema Show”
Julie Ziesemann – “ourself concealed”
Chan Kwok Hung – “Working In The Morning”
Mike Haley – “Pas de Deux”
Cynthia Walpole – “Green-crowned Brilliant 8562”
Tina Jokitalo – “Fly away little bird”
Bill Brokaw – “Christina the Redeemer”
Saeed Rezvanian – “Before The Beginning”
Saeed Rezvanian – “Inside”
Nicola Taylor – “Music for those who listen”
Nicola Taylor – “La Que Sabe”
Rui Pires – “The Eagle´s Girl”
Rui Pires – “The Rural Trio”
Jennifer Georgescu – “Sand, Stones, Dead Leaves and Bones”
Tom Wundrak- “Woman by the window reading a book”
Fabio Affuso – “Antoni Lobetti”
Manuel Cosentino – “Behind a Little House (Series)”
Stephanie Saclolo – “of deception or deliverance?”
Non-Professional Category
Guilherme Stoner – “No bar, no woman, no life…”
Anna Rowser – “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream”
Nenad Saljic – “A church inside a church 1”
Nenad Saljic – “Into the Mist”
Nenad Saljic – “Matterhorn: Twilight Clouds”
Nenad Saljic – “Matterhorn: Sunset Clouds”
Nenad Saljic – “Petrified 1”
Nenad Saljic – “Solitude 4”
Dennis Hodges – “Fall” from the series 1 tree 4 seasons”
Dennis Hodges – series – “A modern relationship”
Dennis Hodges – “Urban flamingos”
Sabato Visconti – “The Boy that Stayed and the Boy that Went”

Thanks again. More news to come.

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