A glass of literary Port

November 19th, 2009


Port is often referred to as the wine of philosophy, most likely because it is traditionally served after dinner, usually with a cigar, and this has historically led to much conversation, some of which might fall into the realm of philosophical.

The inaugural issue of the Camera Obscura Journal takes more shape with the addition of Kane X. Faucher’s remarkable Borgesian tale of intrigue, “Sanscript,” which is, in my estimation, the short story equivalent of a having a glass of Port and a fine cigar. Below is an excerpt:

“…It is an undeniable truism that any number divided against itself will always result in that single digit unity, just as any number subtracted from itself will result in the authority of null. It is into this binary silence I have read, and have since regretted it; and to this style of seeing and reading I have had to forcibly turn from. A one and a zero, a white space and a black one: this is the Manicheanism of reading, but of a hidden variety that was revealed to me at too unripe an age, in Lisbon.”

Kane X. Faucher is an assistant professor at the University of Western Ontario. He is the author of 10 books and has published over 1000 poems, articles, short fiction, and reviews internationally. He currently lives and works in London, Canada. He is a recent recipient of the &Now Aware for Best Innovative Writing.


On the photography front, the competition is wide open. We are adding a select few sponsors to the journal. Check back in the next couple of weeks for details.

More updates as they are available.
M.E. Parker, Editor
Camera Obscura Journal

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