Finalists in the Current Photography Competition

April 23rd, 2013

Since I have received a number of inquires about the results, I will post the finalists here. When the judges make their selections the winner will be announced (hopefully in a week or so). We received some fantastic work for this competition. Narrowing them down to a handful of finalists is never easy.

Finalists for the professional category (in no particular order)

Assaf Matarasso,
Barbara Breitsameter,
Catherin Colaw,
Cole Thompson,
Christopher Ruane,
Cristina Venedict,
Dorn Brothers,
Frances Melhop,
Guido Dingemans,
Javier Arcenillas,
Midori Jordan,
Michael Bilotta,
Omer Chatziserif,
Stuart Chape,
Saeed Rezvanian,
William & Katherine Horton

Finalists for the non-professional category (in no particular order)

Alan Phelps,
Daniel Butcher,
Dareen Hussein,
Gerry Dotto,
Goran Jovic,
Hugh Jones,
J Hackett Maus,
Johan Brattheim,
Keith Urry,
Kem Oleg,
Michael Bilotta,
Nigel Bullers,
Stella Rothe

Thanks for your patience.

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