A Preview of the Upcoming Summer Issue

March 4th, 2011


After getting the Winter issue out the door with a hearty reception at AWP this year, our next issue is finally starting to take shape with the addition of J. Caleb Winter’s story “Faith and Burning.” In an intricately rendered world, a familiar, rural America, Winters veers off the main road for peek behind the the cultural woodshed.

“Days after I graduated, Lee Creek spilled from its banks and overran the hollow.  It must have poured all of the rain somewhere on a ridge, because I stood under a cloudless sky and burning sun, and I watched the creek that then looked like some giant rising lake, sweep hay wagons and trailers downstream and snap them against trees.  Water rose up the tiny knoll our home was built on but never touched the foundation, and as my mother wept while the creek receded, it seemed a miracle our house was spared.”

J. Caleb Winters is Humanities Professor at West Virginia University. He earned his MFA in Fiction from Boise State University, and worked as Assistant Editor on The Idaho Review. “Faith and Burning” will be his first published story. His work has been nominated for Best New American Voices and received Honorable Mention for the National Society of Arts and Letters Fiction Prize.

Also scheduled for Camera Obscura’s Summer issue is Leslie  Pietrzyk’s “Ghost, 1899” excerpted below:

“The dead pass through the living the way sunlight passes through a window.
You think you heard someone say that once, and now it makes no sense.  That’s not what it’s like, not at all.  What it’s like can’t be explained.  That dampness in your bones.  That’s close.”

Leslie  Pietrzyk is the author of the novels Pears on a Willow Tree (Avon) and A Year and a Day (William Morrow).



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